About Halsey Minor

Born in Charlottesville in 1964, Halsey Minor has had a love for Virginia his entire life. He grew up in Charlottesville, went to Woodberry Forest School and ultimately attended the University of Virginia. After graduating with his degree in Anthropology, Minor became a mover and shaker in the tech world, with his major contribution being CNET. Founded in 1994 by Minor and fellow UVA grad, Shelby Bonnie, CNET quickly became a hit and a site that people went to for their tech news and reviews. In 2008, they would go on and sell CNET to CBS for $1.8 billion. Minor also co-founded Salesforce.com, a pioneer player in cloud computing. Halsey Minor has been named one of the wealthiest people under 40 and continues to make headway in the tech world.

On December 19, 2007, Halsey Minor returned to Virginia and bought Carter’s Grove for $15.3 million. Carter’s Grove is one of the most beautiful homes in all of Virginia. Minor once boasted that living in Carter’s Grove is better than living in the White House – it certainly is quieter. Carter’s Grove is a 750 acre plantation on the James River. It was built by Carter Burwell and finished in 1755. In the time since it was built, Carter’s Grove has seen multiple owners and became part of the holdings of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in 1969 through a gift from the Rockefeller Foundation. They would own the estate until the sale to Minor.